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Your own backoffice,
ERP, CRM or DMS.^1000

Apps design.^1000

API REST and connectors.^1000

Automatic report generation.^1000

Algorithms design and implementation.^1000

Applications Windows
and Linux.^1000

Optimization algorithms.^1000

Welcome to DaH! Custom software development

Creation of software adapted to the needs of your company. From the most basic and necessary daily solutions for your business, to the most complex challenges that allow you to apply added and unique value to your product.


Creation of projects and delivering of solutions. Without fees

Analysis and design

The needs of the company are analyzed and adapted solutions are designed.

Freelance software engineer

Close, professional and direct works with years of experience.


Remote work from anywhere in the world. Possibility of travelling.

What I offer Services


Cloud development and computing (SaaS, PaaS) Backoffice, dashboard, ERP, CRM or Document Manager Systems (DMS).

Management products customized to the needs of the company. Development of customized systems or connected with other platforms.


Apps development Android

Design and creation of apps for Android.

website service

Data transfer API REST, connectors.

Design and implementation of API REST and connectors between systems.


Application development Windows, Linux.

Design and creation of custom native applications for Windows or Linux systems.


Document generation Reports, lists, charts

Automatic report generation, data listings, and statistical charts.


Design and implementation of algorithms Algorithms, calculation processes, optimization systems.

Algorithmic solutions to problems of optimization, calculation, engineering or data processing.

website service


Developing geolocation applications, augmented reality, CAD, data system visualization, simulation visualization, or AI systems. We adapt to many types of development in different contexts and platforms. Do not hesitate to contact us to request more information.

Customers Projects portfolio


Albert MasFreelance

Programming. Computer engineer.


The project starts when the proposal is accepted. Then the design stage and the first implementation stages begin. A well-defined project can have results in a few weeks. To achieve this, the project is structured in modules and incremental blocks that give results quickly and progressively.
Partial solutions are delivered along the project so that the results can be evaluated and changes can be applied if it is deemed convenient. Deliveries are adapted to your pace, and once the project is finished, the product is delivered completely and ready for its use.
You have to contact me to explain the problem, send information and detail the objective, preferably by email, although online meeting are also possible. After analyzing the project, I will send you a proposal, and if it is accepted, I will start the project immediately. Only a small deposit is required to start if this is the first time you request a project.
The payment method is by bank transfer.
There aren't any guarantee limit, except for technological changes, platform upgrades, unplanned usage, wrong usage, or unplanned functionalities.
None. When the product is delivered and paid, its completely yours. This means there isn't any fee for its use or maintenance, except if the project requires a third party component.

Contact Leave a message

Do not hesitate to ask any questions, without obligation. I will reply your message as soon as possible.
Location (Catalonia)

Catalonia for local projects

Worldwide for remote projects. Possibility of travelling depending on the kind of project


+34 620 17 13 78


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